21st of June’s note ..

21 Jun 2009

There’s no more space for a broken hearth’s anger
no patience for the sadness, I could careless!!
I’ve run as fast as I can, nobody won’t see me crying

After all those times…
After all those lies…
After all those nights.. un-believing!!
After all those why’s, why didn’t I see
He’s not meant for me!!!

The desperation has leave me alone, on my own!!
I never want to see all regrets again!! it’s your end!!

After all those why’s..
why did I fall?
Why couldn’t I know ?
Why didn’t I see ?
Why o why did I love him ?

After all those times..
Now I feel better
I’ve no more anger
After all those nights, I’ve stopped to wonder!!
After all those why’s, I’ve learnt to let go..

I have let him GO!!! :’)




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