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    After the love has gone!! .....

    hmm.. pokonya intinya sih saya sudah biasa2 aja.. IKHLAS!! :’) there will be someone for me.. sabaarr saja menunggunya!! pasti ada!!! selalu percaya bahwa Tuhan YME tidak akan memberikan cobaan yang melampaui batas kemampuan hambaNya. tabah tabah.. oh iya makasi ya teman2ku tersayaang (gak mungkin dsebutin satu-persatu! too much.. hehee..) thank you for supporting me in many ways.. I’m so lucky having you guys in my life!! I LOVE YOU …….. :) natasha yang kalian kenal sudah kembali!! she’s already had her one last cry and now she’s back! stay cheerful and happy!! in other words -> always up and cheery!! :p Somethin happened along the way What used to be happy was sad Somethin happened along the way And yesterday was all we had And oh after the love
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    21st of June's note ..

    There’s no more space for a broken hearth’s anger no patience for the sadness, I could careless!! I’ve run as fast as I can, nobody won’t see me crying After all those times… After all those lies… After all those nights.. un-believing!! After all those why’s, why didn’t I see He’s not meant for me!!! The desperation has leave me alone, on my own!! I never want to see all regrets again!! it’s your end!! After all those why’s.. why did I fall? Why couldn’t I know ? Why didn’t I see ? Why o why did I love him ? After all those times.. Now I feel better I’ve no more anger After all those nights, I’ve stopped to wonder!! After all those why’s, I’ve learnt to let go.. I have let him GO!!! :
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    a YEAR already?!

    so fast fast fast fast fast .. first we met at Score! citos rigth at the Valentines day. not a good start! i did the usual complaining abouta new personattitude! he looks like a snobbish person!! not a good first impression!! second time I met him at a Jazz festival! i was there and spend my time for a whilewatching his perfomance!! what a great perfomance he had. and starting at that time I can’t stop thinking of him… listen to his music almost everytime! * Ireally like his fanatic fan! third time I met him at a cafe. I’m watching his perfomance again!! I was amazed for the second time… though i didn’t have any bravery to greet him yet!! until one day his online in one of social networking website!! i brave my self to greet him and he reply my message nicel


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